Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You seem so so out of context in this gaudy apartment complex

Hmm. I like this line. Fuck it, I'll say it. I think the Postal Service is pretty good. Tight beats, emo-but-clever lyrics (still though, Hannah and I will always wonder exactly what game has a goalie, a net, and four quarters?) and always reminds me of....well, my sister. Unlike films, which we generally agree on, Hannah and I can only get behind two bands together; Bright Eyes and Postal Service. Conor Oberst is just a goddamn genius, I don't even care what you say.
Although shit, that Such Great Heights is so played out it makes me want to barf. But the City Sleeps Alone Tonight represents (DC what what!), We Will Become Silhouettes is pretty tight, and Nothing Better is pretty much the ultimate bittersweet "its over/get over it" song.
AS you can tell, today has been a REAAAALLY slow day at work. Im just dying to get off, do my laundry (still havent gotten to it), and see Matt's puppet show tonight. And tommorow....MARYLAND! To see my gorgeous albino accordian goddess, Ariella. Thursday? OBERLIN! With Hannah-Claire! Shit yeah! I might be going with Liz to see the Joanna Newsom concert.
Unlike a lot of my friends though, I havent been back to Oberlin since I graduated, and over time the need to go has gotten less urgent. I work every day except Saturday, and I usually am booked with shit to do. I'm still not sure if I'm supposed to go and treat this as a vacation and relax, or like, freak out and party? I never really get drunk anymore. I guess we'll see. Really, the only reason I'm going is to see Liz and Sam and Eliza and watch House M.D. Everything else is just sort of inconsequential.

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