Wednesday, November 08, 2006

There's no place for a puppeteer in today's harsh wintery economic climate

paraphrasing here.
Last night: totally ROCKED. Pandora, Mathew, and the blond chick (laurie?) did their existentialist hemephrodite puppet theatre performance at the store. It. Was. Awesome. Pandora was particulary amazing. Afterwards, the blond chick (katie? WHAT IS HER NAME DAMMIT!!!!) was going to give me a tattoo: the exploding television with "long live the new flesh" on my forearm, but I was waaay too wasted and thought I should probably think about it when I was sober. But it'd be super cheap too, like 50 bucks. She's great. Next week I plan on finding a portal to John Malkovich's skull. Rock.
Pandora said she wouldn't peg me for someone who liked videodrome, let alone someone who liked it enough to get a tattoo of it in a blatant spot.
Bmush also called last night and he said he had just watched Hard Candy and thought of me. Its weird, we are talking more now than we ever did in college.
Tonight: home again!
Then oberlin and Joanna Newsom!

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