Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No one ever tells me shit anymore:

Michael Rosen
Sex: Male
Interested In: Men
Relationship Status:
In an Open Relationship with
Drew Grant

Favorite Quotes:
"I just...I have all these feelings. You know, all kinds of feelings, like physical and emotional. For example, physically, I'm cold and really, really drunk. And emotionally? I feel that everyone thinks I'm gay. Like...oh man I'm not this weird usually you guys. And I'm not gay, I'm definitely not gay...[spots girl in street and starts screaming] I'm not gay, ok? I swear, I'm so straight, I think you're hot, because I'M NOT GAY!"
About Me:
secretly homosexual
So I'm no longer engaged, AND Im a man?!?! And dating one of the ex-freshman? Life went from bad to worse to OH MY GOD IM SO DEATHLY ILL SOMEONE SHOOT ME AND PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY.
I spent all morning in bed with the covers over my face because even the overcast sunlight was killing my eyes. Also, somewhere between 3 am and now I've convinced myself that one of my enemies has POISONED MY DRINKING WATER, and the only reason I'm still alive is because I hate water. I'm allergic to all liquids. So if you get a phone call from me demanding an explanation....please disregard my temporary insanity. My fever is really high and I threw up tea AND I have a sinus infection. And a urinary tract infection. THIS IS NOT NATURAL!!!
please god whatever did I to deserve this, I promise to burn all those voodoo dolls of Dave Bernstein and everything, if that's what will help!
Blegh, now my little asian girl drug dealer is on my ass to show up at franklin street but honestly what the FUCk am I supposed to do with drugs right now except stare at them longingly and wax nostalgic for the days when I needed something to fuck me up besides me traitor immune system.
At least GBM is right downstairs with a stockpile of tea and Johncarlo, who has ordered me wonton soup and kept me company all day.
"where are all your boyfriends now?!??!"

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