Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My day in a nutshell:

1. get into work 15 minutes late, talking on the phone and drinking carmel latte.
2. Get started on project that is uploading too slowly to really work on.
2a) boss comes around asking how the project is going, and tells me how smart I am
for not working on it while it uploading
3. Blast 60's soul music from my cubicle, everyone sings along to Loretta Lynn's "Fist
City and joke about what a soul sister I am.
4. Go to lunch, buy a happy meal so my boss can get the toy again like he asked for
(giant bendable rats from Flushed Away that I said reminded me of him)
4a) give myself half hour lunch break that is only different from regular "work"
because during lunch Im reading a book and not looking at pics of Brittany's
5. Talk to boyfriend on phone for awhile, keep checking in with boss to make sure Im
not doing anything that could be counter-productive which basically means not
touching anything on our site and updating my facebook for the billionth time
6. Have hour long talks with Danny about how to track whose stalking you on various
networking sites, find code, insert code into facebook, myspace. Spend more time
on that than I do with anything else today. Watch second episode of Danny's show,
7. Get told that I am promoted to this youtube account because I am the most reliable

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