Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I made a lot of mistakes in my mind, in my mind

Frat boy #1: I see you wear your hat slightly up and to the right.
Frat boy #2: Yep.
Frat boy #1: But are you in the Facebook group "I Wear My Hat Slightly Up and to the Right"?
Frat boy #2: Yep.

Wow, Overheard is really the best site ever. Besides somethingawful. Im at work but I already solved like, three crisis today involving the computer so I decided that the next hour will be spent making me look pretty in photobooth. Zeljko cut Freddy and my hair yesterday in his Williamsburg apartment and it looks really good.

Tonight: Modeling for Jordan at Five Pointz, then drinks with Max. Tommorow Massive Attack with Dwight (yay!) Friday another modeling thing with that Italian dude I met at lynda's party.
I decided Im going to start making video collages from

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