Friday, September 22, 2006

Real Estate Mogul Drew?

So I got a job. As an assistant to an independant realator/broker who sells expensive condos to rich people on the upper west side and is interested in the bushwick area. She needs a general gal friday and someone to schmooze at parties for rich people who want pretty girls to sell them apartments.
And also? She gave me this computer? That Im typing on in my actual living room, as opposed to my gdm living room which I will be going to soon to hear Brer Brian play. I need to learn Macs pretty fucking fast because I sort of implied that Im a SUPER computer whiz, but then, when trying to set up her new ibook today I kept adamently pushing her to go out and buy a UCB cabel. Which would be awesome if there was such an item as the Upright Citzen's Brigade networking tool, but apparently doesn't exist yet as a technology. The fact that a) what we needed was a FIREWALL cable, not a USB cable anyway and b) we spent three hours doing this and no one called me on the UCB thing makes me think that I will do well in this business if I spend all my time with Jason and he teaches me about technology which I then can impart on this really cool older business woman who will make me rich.

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emily said...

Sweetie, it's a fireWIRE cable.