Monday, September 11, 2006

I am living in a material world and I am an immaterial girl

So I was meaning to post the last several days but never got around to hit.
Why I hate coca-cola:
I see all these young kids in clubs these days, hanging out with their cool friends, acting like assholes cuz they are so jacked up on cocacola. Whats the appeal? Everyone just gets that crazy sugar/caffeine high and acts like psychopath. Like the promoter who literally LOCKED ME IN HER HOUSE UNTIL FIVE AM by saying she'd kill herself if I left. And then proceeded to clean up her entire apartment while sobbing. Or the male model who was the living reincarnation of Derek Zoolander and actually had the cojones to tell me he was "offended" that I wasn't paying attention to him. and his boring life story. Or the D.A.'s assistant who was just knocking back as much cocacola as i've ever seen, who was boasting about a recent case where he got a whole family on welfare evicted because the dad was a junkie. Yea, cocacola really fucks you up. It's the only beverage that makes people act liek assholes when they aren't even ON it yet. Whatever. So thats it for the club scene for me. Went there, saw it, made me closer to killing a whole room of people then anything in my life ever has. I've never felt so smug for abstaining.
Oy fuck me.
BUT: Videodrome and Zoloft came in the mail today! HOLLA! Feel better already. Last night I worked ALL DAY and then part of the night and there was a cool show and a couple cool kids came in and I became friends with them while feeding them Sangria which makes me happy I can work in a place where you can actually TALK to people while drinking and there are interesting people who have funny stories and will hit on you even if you dress like your grandma (and Im not talking hipster-vintage, I'm talking about I was wearing a pink crocheted hat for a christ sake!)
One of the guys who i was talking to is an ex-model which makes me believe that being a model in NY is equivalent of having a myspace page. But this guy is really cool and we're gonna hang out today; he seems actually pretty shy and sort of aw-shucks-shuffle-your-feet....but in a genuine way. In any case, it will be nice to make new friends.
Also: Frankie is cool.
Also: Arrested development.

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