Thursday, August 03, 2006


Thanks to KILLER BEE for the tip.
Man, so last night was even WORSE with the heat. Sometimes Max just jumps on my bed and completely hogs my fan space. I need to shave the shit out of that dog.
Why is it when Im gross and look like I have herpes and all sorts of acne problems and vomit in public places, THAT'S when I get asked out on three dates in one day? Considering that I only spent about 20 percent of the day awake and coherent, I think that's pretty good odds.
I am never going to Carrol Gardens again. Yeesh.
Um, what else? Oh yea: RANT TIME! If you have air-conditioning, you should NOT be a douche-bag and keep it to yourself. Spread the love, people. Some of us are dying out here while you are on some sort of petty trip.
This made my day when I woke up an hour late for work, found out my stupid iPod is here but can't be delivered by UPS because they are RETARDED:

From: Ryan Batjiaka
To: Drew Grant
Subject: i'm sacrificing my personal dignity for this
Message: whats up Drew Gshot, anyway, I swear I dont do these kinds of things, but my friend showed me this one and it made me think of Drip Little newsie extraordinaire

orville americo
Also, this is the funniest AMDB that has come out so far:

AMDB TRIVIA: The college footage was shot at a university for the deaf in Canada. Director Rick Mustaine reasoned that the deaf students would not be able to hear the cameras running and would therefore offer a more natural performance. Once there, however, Mustaine was so terrified by the voices of the deaf students that he barricaded himself inside an enormous clock.

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