Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hot town summer in the city

Wow, I just had the worst experience of my LIFE getting to work today, where I vomited and passed out in an unconditioned subway car and woke up to paramedics and some sweet boy who took me off the train (even though it was apparently hotter in the station) and got me a wet towel and basically just slapped me till i woke up.
Chivalary is not dead I tell you.
I declined the hospital since work is the coolest building I know of (thank god for arctic conditioning!)
Ugh. I look like a freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. I stumbled into work reeking of vomit with dirt and melted tar (literally, the subway was MELTING people!) What a great impression I must be making. Its going to feel like 118 degrees by noon!
It's like that twilight zone episode where the earth has spun out of orbit and is heading towards the sun. All the pictures melt and shit, it used to terrify the crap out of me when I was a kid.

ANYWAY, now that I've spent half this post ranting about the weather; last night was awesome. Hung out on my roof and drank too much red wine for a blistering night. Holding down the Oberlin front was B.T., Grace, Harry, and me. Then there was Kevin and Jason from the store, that guy Ben and his cousin for a short bit, and Freddie. Freddie is my new upstairs neighbor who used to live with the Skeleton kids and works for Lou Reed. We listened to a couple of his voice messages on speakerphone.
Things I learned last night:
even more so than at Oberlin, people here love their conspiracy theories. 9/11 didn't happen, apparently. I also found out that my upstair neighbors are AWESOME, but I knew that already. I found out that red wine and weed on a roof are the perfect ways to beat the heat (take that Cosmo!) I found out the guy that owns the bodega next door is named James Woods. I saw his driver's licence and everything. I found out that thing above my lip was a pimple, not a cold sore. Haha! Victory and too much information! But seriously that was freaking me out and I am also really worried that people think i have a nasty case of the herpe, which would only be cosmic justice since i totally spread rumors about STDs as often as my friends contract them. Which is a lot. I have nasty friends.


B said...

You know, posting on the internet isn't exactly keeping it on the DL.

PS I had fun last night.

ariella said...

oh what we all wouldn't do to slap drew around! that lucky boy.

Spider Girl said...

gross that sounds like my worst nightmare. so hot that the tar melts to your flesh and you pass out and vomit. good times.

you should DEFININTELY move to San Diego.

I promise.