Friday, July 21, 2006

Shes going to smile to make you frown, what a clown

I don't know why I thought that partying on a thursday night was a good idea. Especially when said partying ended up at 5 am dazedly trying to comprehend the dvd menu of "History of Violence."
I think I can officially end Cronenberg week now, since four films in seven days is basically equivalent to injecting pcp directly into my bloodstream.
Though watching History of Violence again now that I have a better understanding of his work helps me realize how restrained Cronenberg was with film; a big motif of the film seemed to be that sort of Kung Fu idealism, "always try to get out without a fight, but if you are forced against a wall, tear shit up." Its almost like Cronenberg was showing his audience how he could get through an entire movie without showing a scene with someone's nose being blown off...... well, he ALMOST made it. A for effort. Also, the sound mixing was incrediable and I definately watched the dvd menu for a good half hour before realizing it wasn't my eye sight, per say, that was the problem.
Okay, enough of that ranting. I had fun hanging out with Harry and his friends from Ramaz, especially this girl Jenny whom I immediatly liked off the bat. Its very rare for me to get a good read on girls that I meet, but she was very very cool. Harry, Jenny and I are going to see the Dada exhibit for free at the Moma tonight, that is if I can stay awake that long after work. Jenny also gave me a book of Harold Pinter plays to read. Fun.
Now there is a horrible storm outside and its way too early in the morning, and I can tell its just gonna be one of those off-kilter days. I might move above Goodbye Blue Monday with the owner Steve and some people using the loft as an artist space. Steve has a huge dog. I love dogs.
However, I also love Will and Grace.

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