Friday, July 21, 2006

Down by the boardwalk under the seaaaaaa

no thats not the right lyrics.
I really need someone to take a picture of this hideous bruise that's taking over my entire leg like some sort of evil black and purple parasite. But since there are no pictures, I just google image-searched close approximations to the color and format of my mysterious flesh-rot. This first one is the color of my bruise and just about as scary, even though its bigger and my body isn't covered in graffiti (yet!)
This shows how rainbow colored my bruise is close-up! Why do they always have that normal looking skin in the middle? It's like looking at hurricane trajectories on the daily news.

This bottom one sort of shows the weird tendrils of my bruise that snake down the vein, making it look like a giant fucking tarantulla crawled under my skin. Remember folks; I have NO IDEA HOW THIS HAPPENED.

So there you have it, a catalogue of bruising.


Spider Girl said...

my advice:
call 911

and just say no to roofies

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