Thursday, March 26, 2009

Writing Exercises

I need to do more creative writing, so I came up with some exercises for myself:

1. Think about someone you truly despise. This should optimally be someone you know in real life, not, for example, Hitler. Now create an imaginary monologue of what they're thinking when they run into you at a party.

2. Write down a list of your favorite movies and/or TV shows. Then write down some stories involving characters meeting and doing something together. That's called fanfiction. Congratulations, loser.

3. Write a humorous anecdote from your real life experience. Did you ever read any David Sedaris? Write like funny! But not so much like him that people will figure out you're cribbing sections from Me Talk Pretty One Day. But try to write like, that book, but with your own stories about meth, performance art and being the gay brother of the chick from Strangers with Candy.

4. Send a letter to yourself, from the point of view of a disappointed family member.

5. Close your eyes and imagine stuff. Then write about it. This is not the same as your dream journal, although hell if anyone else can tell the difference/cares.

6. Create a character that you've known since high school. Have a pretend chat online with them. Then create a profile for them and become Facebook friends. Have them leave you lots of flirtatious messages. After a week or so, move your status so it says you guys are in a relationship. Create narrative tension by promising real friends that you'll bring your new boyfriend around to their next party.


Emily G said...

For whatever reason I read that first one as "Write the internal monologue of Hitler when he meets you by chance at a party," which was just such a funny image.

Emily G said...

Some enchanted evening
You may see a stranger
You may see a stranger
Across a crowded room...