Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two amazing things that make me question my devotion to Sparkle Motion

Haha, that joke is from senior year, spring break. SPRING BREAK.

Guys, is it weird that this video from Boing Boing makes me want to be both Steampunk AND a subscriber to Second Life? I've become everything I've ever loathed, you guys:

Here is the website of that particular community, check it out if you want. I won't because I'm too frightened that I'll end buying some aviator goggles and end up smelling like desperation. Neil Gaiman will have to come put me out of my misery.

Also watch this video from Eugene's comedy special at least three times a day. I do:

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Perhaps a Parrot said...

My dick does tricks like David Blaine.
Your dick does chicks and they complain.