Friday, May 30, 2008

My dick my dick my dick

So we tried our hand at this format. Here are the results:
My dick ablaze, all a-fiery
Your dick sucks like Nanny Diary
my dick fat like president taft
your dick punk like daft
my pussy is witty, pretty, itty bitty
your pussy can fit sex and the entire city
my vag flash like Micromedia
your vag needed to look that up on Wikipedia
my dick Marvels
your dick is DC
my dick is apple
yours is PC

My vag: sweet like Tastycake
Your vag: looks like cheesesteak
My dick, is the cock of the walk
Your dick, looks like Matlock

Sam A:
My dick is clever like Enrico Fermi
yours is three inches, but only barely
My dick is wide like the Nile in spring
your dick could fit in a midget's wedding ring

my dick: killed all the dinos
your dick: confused for a wino's
My dick: cold like George Gervin
your dick: more like a dead person's

My vag: is 24 carats
Your vag: smells like ferrets
My vag: is a number one hit
Your vag: like the Sarlacc Pit
My vag: could beat up Spiderman
Your vag: needs to take its vitamins
My vag: drives expensive cars
Your vag: like Roseanne Barr's
My vag: has won a thousand bar fights
Your vag: so big it has stalactites
My vag: wears Prada suits
Your vag: wears last year's Ugg boots
My vag: more gold than Brunei
Your vag: was written by James Frey

you think you'll score cunt with that ding you call dong?
make way, curious george, cause here comes king kong!

My dick gets bitches high like cocain,
your dick collapses like NYC crane
my dick's the don like Jon Gotti,
your dick small and bald like Rudy Guiliani
Your pussy is radioactive like Fallout Boy
My pussy is batman- Where'd it get all those wonderful toys?
My dick makes all the girls smiley
you dick bends right like Bill O'Reilly
my vag: gets all the ladie-z
your vag: got less hygeine than an Applebees.
My Dick: girls call "ice-cold"
Your dick: just fell for a rick-roll

Best? Vote here!


ariella said...

i vote #1 for farah's, 2nd is drew's cuz she said rickroll.

loaded said...

i vote for drew because i am in love with her