Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm sorry, but this SA thread about dollfuckers is absolutely incredible. Starts out with a guy and his RealDoll, then you turn over the rock and find furries, disabled girlfriends, lawsuits for atypical sociopaths and inflatable lawyers.

Also, it led me to this video, which is making my life right now:

Oh! So yeah! Pictures! Of Five Pointz and Sam and I at vagina central- PS1!


Gerard Jones said...

Nice shots, as always. Like your sideways silhouette. But why is PS1 "vagina central"? It's not described that way in any of the guidebooks. Is this another must-see when I'm in New York?

Long live the New Flesh said...

haha....no, it's just that right now they have an exhibit on Feminist art and its a LOT of vag sculptures. A LOT.

Gerard Jones said...

Intriguing. Do they have any you can climb in? Like those "tactile tunnels" in children's science museums?