Friday, February 01, 2008


Mattie and I were watching Sex and the City tonight, because I am a WOMAN and that is what WOMEN do, and Mattie.....I dunno. Didn't care enough to wrestle the control away to watch Bedazzled. So I switch back after a commercial and I get a half-second glimpse at a guy hitting on Scary Sadshaw and was like "Holy SHIT, is that Adam Kesher?" And guess what? It WAS. It was an early episode, which was obvious because he looked exactly like he had just walked off the set of his last film:

This is all to prove I am just THAT good at picking out the semi-famous like Justin Theroux from just a flash on the screen. My brain is just hard-wired for Lynch characters. Too bad he got so fat though :-(

Oh also, Todd Berry was in that episode as well, which is weird because I had seen him earlier tonight at Rififi.

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