Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Old people read my blog!

Steve and I had a talk last night about our respective parental reactions to our blogs. I always figured putting my feelings on the internet was safer than hiding a diary under my bed, because as everyone knows, old people don't know how to use the internet.


Grandma Rose called yesterday and demanded to know who "David" was. I figured it was either the first signs of dementia or my other personality was having an affair, but no, Grandma was referring to the David I talk about all the time on my blog. This very blog. My grandma was on the internet!

I was not the first with this problem, obvi

Albeit not without some help. She told me her "computer monitor" was asking after me, which either means a) Dementia, again or b) my mother's mother was not in fact talking to an inanimate screen, but actually a person who monitors her internet levels.

FACT: The internet is dangerous to old people.

So, just for you grams, if you are out there on the ethernet, yes, I am still dating Jared. the problem is, news about Jared's and my relationship is substantially more boring than making fun of Dave Bernstein eating raw spinach so he can live forever. I have a wonderful relationship, but its not really "news-worthy". We do gay things like watch movies together in bed and eat french toast on our days off. He buys me really nice, thoughtful presents like professional, fingerless gloves for riding my bike, and an iPod nano for Christmas. We wear the same size jeans, but he has more of a "cliffhanger" (formerly known as a muffin top) than I do, so I don't sweat it. Our respective myspace's have the same picture.
He reads this blog if I remind him.

See? Boring, from an outsider's perspective. So if any of you (I'm going out on a limb here and assume I'm talking to family members who are just happy I'm not gay) are interested in learning more about my awesomely gay (not homosexual) relationship, feel free to email me and I will send you a detailed story about how much I like to touch Jared's butt.

Also, here is unphotoshopped, photographic evidence I am sometimes in bed with a guy and not being grossed out.

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Lauren said...

I always thought you might be gay (not homosexual).