Monday, January 21, 2008

I open my mouth and the whole world gets smart

Tay Zonday is star of the internet meme "Chocolate Rain". Based on his trillions of youtube hits, he has gone on tour, and last night played at the Polish Nightclub Europa with my friends Ninjasonik. Everyone was there to be overly-ironic and take pictures of themselves with this diminutive man-child who has a voice like James Earl Jones so they could tag him on facebook. But then he started singing about 9/11 and things got weird. He started singing about the troops in Iraq and everyone cleared out. He looked so uncomftorable when everyone rushed the stage during Chocolate Rain to take pictures with him.

God it was weird.

In other news, the Southland Tales prequel comic book is SO fucking amazing. Better than the movie. Totally a spiritual experience.

Te end.

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