Tuesday, December 04, 2007

OMG! Movies DO Rock (The Coppola Clusterfuck.....not so much)

I got my hair cut this afternoon in preparation for my first day at Huff-Po Lite tomorrow, and I spent the entire time reading the Allure Supplement "Movies Rock" which I am fully convinced should be its own magazine.

It asked Bill Murray old Tiger Beat Questions, had Dimitri Martin and David Cross review celebrity music albums ("Do you think the guys from Dog Star ever call Keanu? 'Hey whats up man.....so it looks like I have the rest of April free....."), and had a three page spread about Ann-Margret in Tommy. The only off-putting thing was it salivating over Sophia Coppola- basically every article seemed to mention her or the soundtrack to Marie Antoinette as being the best thing ever. Also mentioned that she is cousin's with jason schwartzman which is......I dunno. One giant clusterfuck. I think if you have a big nose, its basically a given that you are in that family. You hear that, Brody?!?!

Great Gap ad with Will Arnett and Amy Poehler.

I have great hair now and you all can SUCK IT!

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