Thursday, November 22, 2007

Two thumbs down

A new feature, in which I will review my dreams with a critical eye. Because no one loves hearing about how I got ass-fucked by Aaron Eckhart only to receive an i-fly (an ipod that lets you fly!) more than my devoted public!

First up:
Plot Summary:I'm with my mom in the dentist's office, but she's getting breast implants. They look and feel like hard rocks, but mom keeps telling me how thin she is now and how I should get rid of my breasts too.

Videodrew rating: One star. Two thumbs down. Also, it beats us over the head with the metaphor. What is this? The squid, the whale, and the lesbian Oedipal complex?
Plus the first thing my mom really DID do when I got home for Thanksgiving was make me weigh myself in front of her, so much to literal and close-to-home for my taste.
Excessive Nudity.

Superhero DMV

Plot Summary: I am waiting in line at some superhero convention. Its kind of like Heroes, in that Ali Larter is there....although at one point I am kicking her ASS, so go figure. All my ex-boyfriends are there and its really awkward to find out I might have to interact with them in order to save the world. Brandon Korsch from Dawn Treader is also there taking pictures, but I accidentally expose his film and he demands to be paid. Luckily, my superpower involves reverse-exposing film and some other shit that comes up later, allowing us to hear those eight minutes of the famously erased Nixon tapes. They are nothing special.
Also I can fly.

Videodrew rating: 10 out of 10. Fresh, innovative look at classic subject- the underdog with social awkwardness that turns out to have super powers and makes her exes all look like shmucks. Sort of a Terry Gilliam meets Christopher Guest feel. Good use of pop culture relevance without infringing on copyrights (we were all the Super-Heroes or SHeroes)

Dolphin Gym Class

Plot Summary: Self-explained

Videodrew rating: 63%. Cute, and worked in the short segment it was given as a filler between two other dreams. Would make a good youtube video. Uneasy transition into sex dream with Smithers from the Simpsons (reoccurring)

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