Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I have figured out where the money is at (still Heroes related so just skip this post)

"oh mohinder, you can't hide anything from me"
"oh no?" the colonized indian fumed...
"you are thinking about my hard shaft right now"
neonwires: oh sweet christ
can that be part two?
me: "i know this"
"for i am matt parkman"
neonwires: we finish the game and then read our erotic fan fiction to everyone
"oh no" gasped Peter Ptrelli, "i must have absorbed your power, and now its out of control"
"what do you see?" Isaac was hanging on peter's every word
desperately trying to look at the picture that the younger Petrelli brother was hiding
"no...no its too gruesome!" peter gasped, and as the two tusseld on the floor for control, the painting slipped
i dunno
something about ass play

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