Sunday, November 04, 2007

I can be your hiro baby, (you can take my breathe away)


Super Important you go here and read all the hero comics

Lame, okay. But seriously, why do I always have to get into things like, a season late? Then the zeitgeist is past and Im like "omg Syler! omg Mohinderrrrrrrrrrr" and everyone else is like "dur second season sucks".

I am on season one finale, which is good because that means the end is in sight and maybe I can start going outdoors in the daylight (hmm...good luck with that).
So what if so far the show has blatantly ripped off everything from Twin Peaks to Watchmen to Ghost........its called Homaging, bitches. Homaging is a great word. I only started watching it because a professor at New School was whining about how they got someone other than Terry Gilliam to direct the Watchman movie, and he was all "but at least we have Heroes!" And I knew I would have to free a large chunk of time in my life out, not only for the tv show, but for all the extra energy/annoyance that it will take to convince those around me that they (and I!) have super abilities!
I did it in Barcelona, i can do it here!

Especially because I, i KNOW that Jared can read my mind. How? I asked him what i was thinking and he said "I'm itchy!" and wow I was totally itchy. Also things he has correctly "heard include the crowd favorite"I love poop" and the ever popular "I want to stick things in yr butt".
I mean seriously, how can I not love the show where the only guy without powers has a colonial british accent and looks like this?

And sylar playing spock in the new star trek movie....oh wait just an excuse to post another picture of how hot this guy is:


(ps anyone watch the House last week with the guy who mimics what everyone else is subconsciously feeling? That was pretty rad.)


Ariella said...

omg the second season of heroes does NOT SUCK! i freakin love that show. but actually i hate mohinder AND syler, i think that they are not hot and also annoying characters. Although i did think of david lynch, and you, when Syler killed his mother with snowglobes. The season one finale was disapointing but i love the show anyways. Second season is way better actually, it's weird cuz i didn't expect them to save syler until later, but imagine what a supervillain he's going to be when they're done! Mommy, i've come to kill you mommy! no mommy, no! it's me! MOOOMMMMYYY NOOOO! *dead*
Claire is my favorite character, also the little boy that can talk to machines, and Peter, and Hiro. God Hiro is so fuckin cool! But his power is too extreme. If he can really control it then he can do ANYTHING. ANNNNYYYYTHIIIING. Good thing they're all dumbasses who have no idea how to use their shit. They could all be billionairs! Oh what about that guy that can turn shit into gold? oh wait n/m you haven't gotten that far. how come they all have different powers? wouldn't some people have the same power?? sorry the end. i miss you!

Ariella said...

oh yeah i'm watching that House episode now actually, it's really good, and yet i'm afraid they're gonig to pull what the Office pulled and get rid of all the main characters and just have them all come back by the end of the next season. which is dumb because i think house totally needs a new team. his old one was corny, i think it should be the Kumar guy, that bitch girl, not the mormon, he's a douche bag. I dunno. His "rash" was so disgusting. i wish i had a disease in which i had to be in a hottub all the time. except not that one. I wonder if House would give me a sponge bath!? With vicodin. we could bathe in vicodin together. Mmmmm Hooouuuuse.

Ariella said...

PS Toby David was in New Orleans on halloween too, in fact at one point he was like 30 ft away but i was too cheap to pay 5 bucks to get back into the place to say hi. I'm such a jew!

Anonymous said...

Um Sylar and Mohinder are too, too hot! So shut up!

Long live the New Flesh said...

Dude, there were so many plot holes in the season one finale....if Peter can regenerate, why NOT just shoot him in his stupid head?!

Why is everyone so worried about Claire being safe when there's basically nothing you can fucking do to her that can't be undone?

Ugh. Thank god for Sylar and his pug-nose.