Monday, October 15, 2007

Noooooo good, no good

So if you know me, you know that I can tend to be a little....fanatic about the shows/movies I like. Hey Ariella, remember that period of time I was really into Quills? Good times.
Um, but see now there are television shows I am into more than life itself. Like, I would rather talk about The Office and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia than talk about my own friends. In fact, sometimes when people ask what Jared is up to, I will just say whatever it was that Charlie Kelly was doing in the last episode. "Oh you know, he decided to start a rock band as bob dylan and huffed a lot of spray paint. Its all good though, you should hear DAY MAN!!!" Then I go onto explain how, although mired deep in misconception, Holland Oates is actually just one dude.

I forgot where I was going with this but hey I gotta jet because I have to go bone Dennis and figure out how to act like an asshole to everyone I know.

Later skater!

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