Sunday, October 21, 2007

A green fruit become a food is bad. A fruit at green carries a vengeful riposte.

Instructions for a Fruit (not the gay kind)

My new goal in life is to not hate skinny bitches who come into the store asking for soy-lattes. It is not that weird of a request. It is not that weird that they are skinny and dating my neighbor from two-doors down who is like, totally a model in Italy. It is not their fault they have vegan eyes and act like total ass-cunts to me, because they are obviously missing a great deal of iron in their diet and that could make anyone cranky.

Currently I am dressed like: a gay professor.

Also on my mid-year resolutions? Be nicer to Jared.

Hung out with Ben. H and C. and Joey last night in this weird hotel room in times square with a bunch of people who didn't speak English and a roasted rabbit. It was weird. C. is weird. He is totally Leland Palmer weird. It is sad that I still find that cool.

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