Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Ughhhh no one tells me when super-special music things come to town. What you expect me to stay glued to Gawker and read anything except how that extra in all of Tyler Perry's movies is the worst person in the world??
Ugh. I am missing Dan Deacon tonight at Silent Barn and I am PISSED OFF and sick and cranky and wtf why isn't GBM involved in any of this CMJ shit. Ugh, I feel angry and sick and....okay, not as itchy as yesterday (no lice!) but still with this weird huuuuuge blister on my lip (not herpes!) that I might need to get removed cuz its a cyst from hell.
Ugh. Shoot Me. Thursday at the Annex, the Black Kids and Mates of State though, anyone going?
Oh ya, this is sort of funny

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ryan muir said...

um... I got you on the guest list for a secret CMJ party on saturday.... remember?