Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And if you ever come at me I'll hurt you

Sunset Rubdown at the Williamsburg Hall (ne North Six) last night. Yes. Yessssssssss. God they are so fucking good. And young looking! Srsly, maybe its something with the water in Montreal but Spencer looks like a 19 year old Jason Bateman.

No? No? YES.

I'm starting to get things compiled for 2threads, which means contacting everyone I know from Sadsmensclub and offering them the good life of a cobrasnake....no, we're much more classy than that.
By the way Im SO PSYCHED to be working with Riley and the 2threads crew, I feel like.....
whoa. Just lost my train of thought. There is this chick on stage here at GBM talking about how Albert Einstein needed to write an infinity sign in his diary whenever he wrote about having orgasms.
Sold another piece to the boat people, so life is good.
Jared is gone for a week upstate, that is sad.
Here is another pic of Spencer to make me happy

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