Friday, September 07, 2007

Im sorry maybe I didnt make it clear enough in my last post

This is a bunny:

THIS is a bunny that reads you the internet, tracks and reads important emails, sums up your week, gives you advice, communicates to another bunny its "married to" via ear movements from anywhere else in the world, "smells thing" (?) and tells you the air quality, as well as traffic congestion in Paris:

Hell, the only thing it doesn't do is jack you off but as long as I can have my c://bdsmlibrary/function I think Im good to go.
Its a 150 bucks and I NEED IT.

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Ariella said...

ummm that thing is really kind of cool but...i don't think i NEED it...lets see i think i need 200 dollars more than i need a talking plastic rabbit to tell me things that i can find out by using a computer. this would be good for blind people or for people who can't read good...or don't have a computer...but you have to have wifi so...i'll make you a deal, if you get one i'll get one and that way we can get "married" and our ears will move at the same time and i can send you gay messages all teh time like "someone is thinkin about you right now!" lol no really...hannukah is coming!!!