Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In udder news

Fox New (via Superficial):
Commissioner Scott Gordon will order the boys, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James, turned over to Federline based on information that Los Angeles Family Court received over the weekend about Spears, the sources told FOXNews.com. During Monday's custody hearing, Spears' former bodyguard accused the pop star of having “issues of nudity and drug use” since she returned from rehab.

HOLY SHIT, BATMAN! A real-life commissioner Gordon?
Hahaha yes.
Did he have to call in the verdict from his red phone?!?
Maybe she's going to be the villain in the new series...we can call her Droopy Cookie. Riddle me this, bat-brain! What has teeth but no mouth?

Speaking of the Joker (riddler?) here is a total joke n' half FROM OUR VERY OWN BAR: (courtesy of Vice)

It must be so depressing to work your fingers to the bone trying to leave the realm of male and yet, every time you look in the mirror, there is, as Crass said, “the same old shit, covered with a layer of talcum powder."

I feel sorry for this guy, I call him Keifer from the Lost Boys- he always gets fucking WASTED and like falls over and might be missing some legs (prosthetics?) and also might be the son (brother?) of Lou Piniella.

So yea, a whole bunch of saaad.

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