Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Some choice samples from a 1982 issue of the British rag "Movie Star"

Lets skip past the part where they name this guy as the sexiest man in America:
....and let's go straight to The Inside Scoop on what makes Harrison Ford Tick!!!

Harrison hates:
-people who make fun of fat people. "There sometime is a metabolic excuse! I mean it's healthier to be too overweight than too skinny, like the refugees you see in the paper."
- people who ask before they come over to your house for dinner, "What's for dinner?" or "What are we eating?" Who don't they just wait and be surprised, and trust you?"
-when a car drives past you in the rain, and you're "walking along minding your own business, and the car splatters mud and water all over your pants, shoes, and legs"
Harrison Loves:
-brownies, "with or without nuts, I'm a real brownie freak!"
Harrison doesn't understand:
-why some folks ask not to have anchovies on their pizza. They're good, and good for you! Mark Hamill is the biggest pizza nut I know"
-why sometimes "its so cold at night, and then the next day its so hot! I just don't understand the weather, period"

I've never seen so many exclamation marks. Harrison Ford must have felt really passionate about things like the weather, and uh....food issues, apparently. No wonder he married Calista Flockhart, I bet she never bugs him about what's for dinner. Although she DOES sort of look like a refuge? Maybe she convinved him she had a metabolic excuse, written on a napkin in crayon by a "doctor". A doctor, or the guy who played Fish on Alli McBeall.

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