Monday, August 27, 2007

I've told every little star

Nick Zed's weird, heavy-handed Tromafest last night at least got me thinking about drugs and tv again. Weird shit:
"Alpha Brainwaves add images and visuals; you could view this as escape from reality. Too much alpha activity leads to excessive escapes and too many daydreams. Too little makes us human machines:– in motion, but without dreams that direct. ‘Just right,’ adds perfect porridge bowls balanced for healthier lives.
"Article 'Brainwaves that Talk Back' by Ellen Weber (PDF, 1.3 MB)
"Our brain uses its 8 ­ 13 cycles per second Alpha waves to idle itself, to rest areas not actively processing and acting on incoming sensory and motor information. While this idling is a normal and favorable phenomenon for the idling brain, if Alpha wave activity becomes 'locked' and inhibited, active participation of vital brain areas cannot occur with efficiency."
Crossroads Institute: QEEG Brain Mapping and Neurometrics
“The second type of wave and I should say the most widely known and publicized is the Alpha wave. Most people equate this wave with ESP, meditation, and all sorts of strange ideas.
The truth is the alpha waves account for only half the story. Alpha ranges between 7-12 hertz and is prominent during relaxation mostly with eyes closed, day dreaming, and upon deep self-introspection.
The 1960's made this activity famous when it was found out that cannabis or marijuana, which grew naturally, induced this state in people [Note: I do not advocate drug use]. Scientist have found out that it was the chemical THC that caused this euphoric feeling by being a substitute for the brain's natural pleasure chemicals which are called endorphins.”

Speaking of weird, lets check in on this week's Muholland Drive-related coincidences this week:
1. Dreamt that Justin Theroux was making a movie
2. Read the Voice the next day and found out about Dedication
3. That song "every little star" has been cropping up in the weirdest places
4. I woke up with a migraine and opened the store today, to find an old playbill for "Sugar Babies" starring Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller.
Survey says Im batshit insane.

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