Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So I figured out my life calling today. I'm a comedy writer! Or as Mattie calls it, a "writer".

See, I know funny. I know what's hilarious and what's not. Mattie spelling his name with a y? Not funny. I'm funnier. So what if he serves beer to famous comedians and shovels shit for a living? I still have way more life experience. Shoveling shit and going to U of M for an art degree? Well....funny, I grant you. But not as funny as me and my cute hair and my little witticisms and pithy remarks and guys' mustaches.
See, Mattie just tried to imitate my style by writing "lol omg" but that's not funny. Saying Mattie looks like an unfunny Seth Rogan with less hair?
COMEDY GOLD my friend.
See, Mattie(y) doesnt look a thing like seth rogan. This was a picture I took of him at our last comedy jamz bbq:

Ok. But seriously, now that Im a certified comedy writer, my life has a porpoise.

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