Saturday, August 25, 2007

Eating habits of the rich and famous (bushwick edition)

There are a lot of days recently when I've come home complaining of a belly-ache. Usually I bitch for about ten minutes before Jared zones out and he starts staring at the chocolate stains building up in the crevices of my mouth (my 'stash lines, you know).
The point is, my stomach hurts because my usual diet would put Roman Emperors' to shame. Maybe I should stop going to tea rooms in Williamsburg so I can order my ricotta cheese and fig paste plates. But then what would tide me over till my midnight sup' on sirloin that I have my boyfriend cook after a vigorous bike ride to pick up the marinated olives I like so much?
And boy, was my face red when I realized that I had "sleep-ate" a whole package of ice-cream chocolate bon-bons! Ambien wasn't even involved, but at least then I'd have an excuse. Ps I don't even LIKE a chocolate, but I love bitching about being a fatass!

So yes, tummy-aches and I'm a super-whiner, but what else is new?
OH! I went upstate to visit Jared's parents and ate great food and relaxed by the pool and lake (two separate occasions), saw Superbad FINALLY (fucking hysterical, but d'uh...though henceforth all fellatio will be referred to us "blowjays"), and bought the craziest outfit ever at H+M which is like some terrycloth hoodie dress for....I dunno, being me in.
Also passed an ice-cream place called Custard's last stand. get it?

Ps- Always Sunny in Philadelphia's preview TOTALLY copped the "i want you inside me" line from Wet Hot. Especially cuz a guy said it.

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