Tuesday, August 07, 2007

bring it on home

Just got back from a trip to DE with Jared and boy are my arms tired! Mainly from cracking so many f-ing crabs with the J-ster and my mom and my mom's funny "friend" Jake- who swear to god was wearing a shirt with blurry text that said "have another one" and showed up with a pitcher of Coors. We played Scrabble in teams and I got FURIOUS when they didn't concede that words could be written....you know what? This is boring.
Instead, let's just make a list of all the annoying stuff I did that made me surprised Jared didn't just dump me the second we got back to NY!

1. Weighed myself and then spent the rest of the weekend pouting hysterically (one can do that, you know) that i was back to my "high school, nacho-cheese" weight.

2. Played about three hours of online scrabble every day (scrabulous is AWESOME!!!)

3. Wore a yellow mumu everywhere I went (cuz im fat, get it?)

4. Played this electronic twenty questions game that was SO FUN and portable but required me to read the flashing LCD screen really haltingly like "Do....you.....use........it? When....you....travl?" The thing was SO GOOD and 20 questions though! It guessed Tampon and it was right!

5. Basically showcased my atrocious table manners the entire time.

6. Encouraged my mom's talk of grandchildren.

7. While we were packing up, found a pair of boxer's underneath my bed and gave them to Jared......turns out they weren't his. Which is gross because it means those things have been under my bed for AT LEAST two and a half years.

All in all it was an awesome time, and it felt great to be out of the city and into air-conditioning and my mom and sister love him because they kept telling me how i should be careful cuz he could do so much better than me!
Thanks mom!

Little do you know, he's stuck with me after I passed the rage onto him! SO SUCK ON THAT!

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ariella said...

hey! we have on of those 20 question things at work. i agree it's really fun. I did an experiment where i just pressed yes to every question it asked and it guessed "are you thinking of everything?" hehehe