Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I thought my ipod was broken today. I was so pissed. Turns out it was just fucked up but its fine now.
To be honest, I probably would have checked more thoroughly if I knew my boyfriend was going to go out and buy me a new one about twenty minutes after I bitched to him about breaking mine. Wait, no I wouldn't. Because then I wouldn't have two functional mp3 players in my posession.

Point is: pay it forward. Im willing to give one of these babies away (prolly my old one because my new one plays movies and shit and WOW that will be so fun when bike riding!) to the person who can give me the best sob story of why they need a portable music player in their life. I already offered it to bosss steve because his was stolen awhile back but he didn't want it.

I guess the moral of this story is: I've never had a boyfriend buy me a gift like that, ever. And for no reason either. I mean, I know I was raised spoiled and all, but even in my family in no way did whining about something ever bring instant gratification.

So yea- best boyfriend ever. And a nose like Jason Bateman! SUCH a fan!

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ariella said...

plz do not ride your bike and watch movies at the same time!!! you are going to ride right off the williamsburg bridge honey, i can just see it now...and it's funny! but that would be bad.