Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Well this has been an interesting night

It's one am and that just about sums it up. The bands were awesome (Jason McMann and some guy who looked like a more handsome, young, and gay David Lynch singing Sondheim-esque songs, Jason's girlfriend Natalie doing a Laurie Anderson thing for her one-man-band Unicornicopia, some all girl rock thing Eraseture? from New England) but we were ALSO joined by the infamous gay keifer-from-lost-boys doppleganger who is currently so drunk on sake that he's stumbling around aimlessly and his eyeliner is running, never dying, never growing old, listening to a glistening jazz player:

Oh plus there was that AWESOME beardie who kept asking if he could have the tub of white sangria to pour over the girl band to "keep their energy up!"
That's class.

I might be doing a guest-spot over at Dwights soon, so watch for that.
Now I have to go meow about how sad it is I won't be going to awesomecon. Maybe next year.

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