Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cuz you're every woman in the world to me, you're my fantasy you're my reality

I guess now's as good as time as any to reveal to all three of you that read this (and who already know about this development) that there's been a really fucking awesome and fun development in my life:

So yes, that's going perfectly and I don't wanna get into it online because I dont want to jinx it. But its there, and its making my life so fucking great. Not that my life wasn't great before, but this is making it MORE great.
Gross. I need to stop.
In OTHER news, everyone has been commenting on what good fashion I have lately which means one of two things:
a) all my friends have developed heat stroke/mad cow disease(we DO have a lot of bbqs)/ a really weird desire to shower me with false compliments to engorge my already huge ego
b) I've actually started dressing with some sense of style.

If this is the case, I accredit it all to the punk girls upstairs, who have taught me that anything can be a dress, as long as you wear bike shorts underneath. Like Jared's roomate Alana gave me this cute little red and white cherry dress that she cut waaaay too short unless you want to see my yet-to-be-born babies. But plus bike shorts? Voila! Insta-outfit, especially good for riding over the Williamsburg bridge, which I've started doing every day.
The bands last night were rocking, but I will talk about them more over here
Also: does anyone know anything about getting teeth fixed at the NYU dental school? With all this FUCKING sugar I've been eating, I think I have a cavity. Plus, a filling fell out.
So concludes my "personal" blog series. Please stay tuned for more stuff about Biff from Back to the Future and why I love Sam Rauch.

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steve roberts said...

I await more biff.