Sunday, June 10, 2007

I want a punk-rock girlfriend

The punk girls upstairs and across the street are so awesome. Why did it never occur to me before? PUNK GIRLS! Obviously I will get along with a sub-culture of women whose whole shtick is not being uptight prissy little bitches! D'uh!
We stole bike parts and went to the botanical gardens and ate thai food with giant frozen drinks and ran out on the bill.
I like punk girls, and I like my cell-phone camera that can capture these moments:
1. Katie is a monkey

2. the one picture where Felise isnt picking her nose

3. The random garden we found was so perfect for getting blazed and finding random cats

4. Hannah looks like a nymph

5. Amazing Bobby Fisher-aged asian chick kicking ass in speed chess (we still couldnt figure out who won)

Also: our barbeque last night was awesome and Furniture remains my favorite band ever. Karelisa showed up with her dog, which isnt that ugly after all. Ronen came too, and totally took care of me when I started to feel super ill (myra says its psychosematic, I say its bullshit!) and we watched Igby Goes Down. Then I hung out with Mel upstairs for a bit, stole a bunch of bread (they seriously have the nicest kitchen ever) then went to bed.
Im still feeling severely sick this morning, what does it mean??!

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