Friday, June 22, 2007


After suffering through late night AMC repeats of the National Lampoon's Vacation Series (well, just the first one and European trip, not Christmas or the one with Ethan Embry) as well as the (admittedly better but mainly because of the "we all have our own El Guapo" speech) Three Amigos I just found this headline so fucking funny.

Also ps- Martin Short isnt so great either. I caught a part of Captain Ron the other day and wow- does Kurt Russel look like a stud with one eye- Short can suck my peg-leg-dick.
All this new found sober "awake" time (until four or five am, wake up like clockwork at 10) allows me for a lot more tv watching. Scratch that; tv is an overstatement. More like I now have time to watch approximately every episode of Scrubs, Dharma and Greg, and Robot Chicken in existence. Wow those last two shows are pretty unfunny, but they both have their moments. Also: AMC shows some pretty choice shit, but a lot of it isn't classic. Am I thinking of another station, or has Gothica suddenly gone neck and neck with Bringing Up Baby for a Criterion collection 2-disk special release?
There's been a lot of Jim Carrey and Robert Downey Jr. in my life lately- which makes me think about how these two guys ESPECIALLY have struggled with their careers and veered off-course and are completely fucking maniac but have toned it down and honed their craft and have seemed to reign things in a bit to become totally awesome, nuanced actors. Inspirational. Although who knows, RDJ might still be shoving eight balls up his ass- I would have no clue. But Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was awesome and he looked way younger than he has recently.
Also: Michael Showalter sat behind me today and I, like an idiot, told him he was my fucking hero.

Oh also: Felise just reminded me of something about how station six is showing Igby Goes Down every fucking night. She suggests Lifetime because they have Golden Girls, Roseanne, and the Nanny. Also choice shit.

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