Monday, April 02, 2007

So sigh no more ladies sigh no more for men were decievers ever

It Was Wartime -- Your Father and I Were So Much in Love

Drunk girl, clearly underage: Hahaha...
Drunk man, half-carrying her: Come on, let's go get you pregnant.
Drunk girl, gasping happily: I love babies!

--Grand Central

Overheard by: more than willing to help

via Overheard in New York, Apr 1, 2007

I'm looking for classes in basic Korean to better myself. Also because I need a new hobby, and I suck at languages so might as well start with something totally difficult, right? Ehhhhh

Bridget and I (ie Comfort Fairy and Sugar Dust aka Comfy F and Sugar D!) are starting to rehearse our puppet show of West Side Story. And the crazy thing is, this wasn't even my idea!! Well, the puppet's were sort of my concept. But Bridget really really wants to do some piece with me and keeps trying to convince me I have a great singing voice! Maybe she's deaf? Who knows....sounds fun though.

And in other news of fun things, Diego and I just got a budget of 3 grand to go buy film equipment for to make user-generated content! YEaaas!

See, with all these awesomely intense things going on in my life, I really don't have time for a relationship. As it is, I feel like too much of my time is devoted to socializing, and not enough to learning new things. Hence, the desire to speak Korean!
Life is pretty sweet.....although I'd really like to have some health insurance. Although the term Young Invincibles makes me seem like some sort of Grant Morrison super hero team.
So I don't have anywhere to go on passover....who wants to break bread with Drew?

PS- How weird was it when Joey Sanchez and Clayton showed up at my bar at 3 am on friday night? SUPER WEIRD!

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