Monday, April 02, 2007

Just a little what what?!

I love having chats about people who have decided that it is their job, nay....duty! to be the judge, jury, and executioner over events that:
a) they were not involved in
b) they refuse to listen to what EITHER party is saying about the event
c) have already decided the verdict beforehand.

Its seriously adorable! Well, no, it wasn't so cute for like twenty minutes there when I actually started doubting myself and thought, "gee that didnt SEEM to be my reasoning at the time, but if HE says that I do everything because im a hateful, malicious bitch then well that just must be true!".......yea but then I woke up and realized who I was talking to. And now I just have to laugh about it. With my friends. Who do not (and never have!) include(d) him.

Honestly, you'll know when I'm being vengeful. This is not one of those times. Right now I have bigger things to worry about (I just called New School pretending to be my sister to find out if she got in, they told me to call back in an hour....argggh!) then some impotent ex-boyfriend that's going to huff and puff and hissy fit all the way back to the hypocritical bed he's made for himself.

Yeesh, no wonder I was his longest relationship. That by itself should be the number one sign that something is seriously wrong in your life. Honestly, look it up. It's in the pamphlet "How to know if you're totally delusional and five ways to cope" The first step involves blaming everything up to and including global warming on your ex-girlfriend because she hurt your feelings and made you cry.

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