Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"It's been a long day" "Not as long as yesterday, yesterday was twenty four hours!"

I watched House of Yes Monday night with Adam (after I forfeited the scrabble game he was winning by over 100!) and remembered why its my favorite movie ever.
"Im in a box, Im in a box and I cant get out!"
"No, IM in a box and I cant get out."
"Im sorry Marty, that wasn't a very good mime, I couldn't see that at all!"

If you have not seen this awesome movie in which Parker Posey plays my friggin' hero, then you should rent it immediately.

Other than that, being trapped in a box sort of described my feelings lately. A sick box. Which is just a stupid way of saying that Im sick. Im also just really frustrated with "real life" and having to get up for work every morning and having no money and not being able to spend every waking (instead of just sleeping) moment in bed with my hot boyfriend and his great ass.
Well, sucks to our asthmar, I guess. Such is growing up, and mainly I'm just worried that all my sicknesses lately are psychosomatic and are just my body's way of saying that I want to go home and be pitied and taken care of cuz Im just not cut out for this big, bad, mundane, work world.

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