Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Because my married friends are doing it:

Five people my husband should be okay with me cheating on him with (subject to change every five seconds) :
1. Adrian Grenier (he made it look SO SEXY on Entourage)
2. Seth Green (haha, he made it HILARIOUS on Entourage)
3. B.J. Novak (I would marry B.J.)
4. Will Arnett (that voice.......wait why are all my guys on television all of a sudden)
5. Joaquin Phoenix (my married friend had a chance with Joaquin and turned him down.....I hate you Lauren)

So there ya go.
Jeesus why did I get like five minutes of sleep last night *groan*


Segway said...

You really should check out the Will Arnett Research Project at http://blutharnett.blogspot.com

ariella said...

i also only slept like 5 minutes last night. sometimes i think we are living parallel universe lives with eachother. hey look! it's bizarro jamie! and bizzaro andrew!