Monday, March 26, 2007

White kids love hip-hop

So, story of my life, Im sitting on the JMZ this morning and at Essex/Delancey this hottie walks in. I'm talking pea-coat, leather loafers, tailored pants- the type of guy that I never get for the very same reason I've never dated Soviet Communists: there is just really no place for me to meet these people and thus exist in movies and tract pamphlets alone.
But this guy, like I couldn't stop staring. He was just so well put-together, with a cute little pug nose, he looked like someone out of the History Boys are something. He coulda been British, I dunno he had his nose in a book the entire ride. But I was about to throw caution to the wind and actually approach someone at 8:30 on a Monday morning on the subway, but then I saw what he was reading.
Are you there God? I doubt it:

Let's not even go over how pathetic it is to still think the term metrosexual is relevant after like, 2004 (who even cares what the fuck Ryan Seacrest is doing up the ass these days?) but to bring that book out in public just screams....I dunno what it actually screams. Gay? In the closet? In the closet but making an ironic statement about heteronormative culture appropriating gay culture? "I live in Williamsburg 2.0 but am sort of yuppy-ish? (he did get on at Marcy...)?
Who knows. But for some reason, it ruined my morning.
ANYWAY, this weekend was......ok. I guess. Whatever. I saw a lot of movies: 300 (in IMAX, which for some reason I thought meant omni-max), Old Boy (which finally gives me something to talk about with Sebastion), Slither (best movie of the weekend), and this movie Ben found called "Unknown" which falls into that genre of movies I really like.
Just from the IMDB description you can get the sense of the 80 minute joyride of this film:
Five men wake up in a locked-down warehouse with no memory of who they are. They are forced to figure out who is good and who is bad to stay alive.

The film (or "mini-movie" without the dancing cat costume and balloons) featured America's favorite mispronounced actor, Joe Pantalooni. Pantalanoni? Rice-a-roni?
This movie also had Greg Kinnear featured as "Broken Nose Guy" in the credits. But who the fuck cares about Greg Kinnear anyway. He's been less culturally relevant than Metrosexuals since he dropped from Talk Soup.
Nine hour train ride home= long enough to watch first season of Entourage that Ben burned from me on a dvd with The Queen and Stranger than Fiction.
Now I'm back, its Monday (blegh) and Shopping Spree is playing at the store tonight (yay!) and B. is back and staying at my place (yay!)

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