Friday, March 23, 2007

Nothing can sum up how I feel about Oberlin better than this

An ode to the high-seated cyclist

Pittsburgh tonight, Murder by Death concert tommorow. When all is said and done Im glad that I can still make very bad drunken decisions and end up with a plane ticket to my first ex-boyfriends house. Since you know, the rest of them aren't really talking to me. *sob* Oh no wait, I just realized how well-adjusted I've become in the last several months. So rather.........*shrug*
Sam Rauch is back and last night Myra and he went to the Lower East Side to drink with mycoworkers and me. It was fun, but I am such a party pooper: i totally fall asleep by midnight these days.
Sam came home with me and we watchd like, four episodes of Scrubs. That shit is ADDICTING. Not even lying. We then spent a good half hour trying to figure out who plays J.D.'s brother on the show. Turn out its the guy from Ed
Who cares about this?
But barely.
Plus Ed had Michael Ian Black and Justin Long, who went on to be the Mac guy.
ALSO: Cyborgs!
Im no superman.

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