Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The most beautiful movie ever made

I'm only halfway through it but I had to stop it and just catch my breathe.
Who the fuck made this film? Why have I NEVER heard about it until now?
I can't even find words to describe how beautiful and awesomely overpowering this film is, about 99 times better than Lord of the Rings although thats what keeps coming to mind.
Please, PLEASE, Im begging you, check out this movie Casshern. You know what? Fuck these tepid reviews on IMDB, but just look at the screenshots.

This movie puts the whole American comic-cum-movie zeitgeist to shame. Other things it puts to shame? Zombie movies. War films. The Matrix.
This is literally (and I know I say literally a lot but bear with me here) LITERALLY- the best film I've ever seen. And I have no one to talk about it to because no one has seen it and there's like, nowhere to get it. I haven't checked Netflix yet but I know Blockbuster online doesnt have it. My coworker Josh sent me his copy after I watched Old Boy.
In other (related) news, I am catching the yellow fever. Hard.

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