Friday, March 16, 2007

Im sorry how do you say this? Vahi-nana? Vaheenee?

So I just saw my mother in the pudendum Monologues. Or whatever. She was actually AMAZING. Like, "almost getting over the mortifying concept of hearing your mom talk about her twat and orgasm on stage"-kind of amazing. My mom When the fuck did THAT happen? Anyway, its quite a relief knowing that I wont lose all of this *shakes booty* when Im sixty. I mean, it will probably migrate to different places but, ya know.
God, I know I've only spent one day at my new job and I probably shouldnt blog about it till I read over my confidentiality agreement but shit. I <3 my new job, and my new boss Diego. Already I can tell that he is the coolest boss I've ever had, mainly verified by our chat about metarecorders and why the picture itself in Back to the Future didn't disappear (like who takes a picture of a blank backyard?)Im like, motivated to work, especially since my top-secret job involves looking at lots of entertainment and political blogs.
Plus, my own laptop? Jesusfuckingchrist that is sweet! I have it with me now in Delaware. I now have a laptop. A IBM thinkpad....shit's a workhorse. I watched Bergman's "Scenes from a Marriage" on the train ride to Delaware last night. It was fucking sweet.
So I just woke up randomly and its 6:07 am and my mom comes in to see how I's time for my sister to get up for school. Sweet lord, no wonder so many teenagers are fucking miserable. I cant even remember how my ass was dragged out that early for 4+ years (I dont think middle school started any earlier). Like, that's torture. Not as much as torture as hearing your mother talk about "her flood.....down there" but still torture.

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