Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Last Exit to Brooklyn

So good. By the Requiem guy.
I have read so many books since Christmas: I guess ever since my social life took a nosedive. I read Gravity's Rainbow, Infinite Jest, Diary (by Chuck Palahniuk), Pomp and Circumstance, Cruddy (by Lynda Barry), Acid Casuals, and now Shelby's first novel. I would like to think that it shows I am very well-read, but I think what it shows is that i'm too depressed to get out of bed and therefore just spend most of my day reading. I weighed myself for the first time in awhile yesterday- I've gained TWENTY POUNDS since college. Jesus. Yea I have great T&A now, and I was too skinny by the end of senior year anyway, but wtf??
Oh well, I'm going to lose ten pounds by prom (going to try these awesome new caltene bars I've been hearing so much about).
I went on my FIRST DATE with Mr. Fancy-Shmancy Times writer last night. Haha, no he's chill, he lives in Bushwick and writers about graffiti art and Global Warming and is very, very chill. We hung out at his parent's loft overlooking Central Park near Columbus Circle last night(apparently they are never there, its like an extra house and im thinking 'old money, damn wish it was me'): ordered in Indian food and drank wine and watched youtube videos. Sort of my perfect date? I like him a lot, and he seems very low-maintenance and a fun person to be with. Have to hang out with him more to see if there are any sparky sparks though.
So all in all an awesome night, awesome life, and I need to start ordering ephedra off the internet again like its senior year in high school so I dont turn into that girl running around screaming NACHO CHEESE!

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