Sunday, February 25, 2007

I dont care bout anything but you

So I slept all day yesterday and woke up feeling shitty and watched Taxi Driver and Birdman of Alkatraz until like nine and went downstairs to watch this WEIRD adult-swimesque puppet show/performance art thing called Uncle Monsterface. As I was bringing beer from the back and having a generally good time, waking up a bit, I catch some guy out of the corner of my eye (the place was packed).
"Hmmm," I thought, "that looks like Jerry (yes THAT jerry, not 2.0) with a hideous beard. But no, Jerry wouldn't DARE show his face around here, even with a crappy disguise! He's been avoiding me like the plague since he dumped me on Christmas!"
But it was Jerry, and although I was like, frozen with a giant frowny face while he approached me, all I could think of was "thank god he looks like shit." I thought maybe he was there to see one of the bands, but he approached me and shoved a flyer into my hand. "I can't stay, but I thought you might want to come to this." On it was a show titled, uh something or other I can't remember, and on it he had written "David Lynch's son Austin is having a show"
then he ran away like a pussy. WTF? So that was weird, but even weirder was when i rant into his cute roomate zach and he was like "yea, I dont know what Jerry is doing, he's back with his old girlfriend and won't even BE at the show."
But actually that's cool cuz that means I wont show up to the show and get all dissapointed when the guy who INVITED ME doesn't show. This way I can just go and have a good time. I mean, the kid's right, I AM interested in this and it's nice of him to think of me....but wtf?
Then I made out with Jake Gyllenhall on the bench outside GBM. Well, not Jake, but his Brokeback Mountain doppleganger. He was playing in Ben and Mennin's band and was making hardcore eyes at me. He just graduated from NYU's journalism school and works for the art section of the Times. We flirted all night, Myra and Mike were making fun of us, especially when we were snuggled up on the bench- but hey I DIDNT let him upstairs ("tonight's not a good night" sounds way better than "im on the rag", anyway) but I asked if he'd like to go on a date sometime?
Well, apparently he'd love to. And I have the best eyes, in case anyone is wondering. I dunno, there is something to be said for not jumping the gun and hooking up with every guy at the bar *cough*cheapshots*cough*.
Eventually we closed the bar and I went up and smoked with Jason, Aaron, Adam, and Natalie. Then I took an Ambien and called Ben. I cant remember a goddamn thing we talked about but I remember him being the funniest person EVER. He reminds me of Jim from the Office. Which of course is why I love him.
I asked if he wanted to go to the Austin Lynch thing in two tuesdays from now and he said "Maybe....what time?" Why does it MATTER what time? "I just wanna know....what time?"
IS HE COMING OR NOT? this is vital information I need to know.
Sorry that this whole post has been about boys, I will be better by tommorow, right as soon as I do this double shift at the store. I said I'd call John (the cute Times Gyllenhall boy) later so I will keep you updated....or not.
Who reads this thing anyway?

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