Sunday, February 18, 2007

growin' up in some strange storm, nobody's cold, nobody's warm

Britney is totally copping my style from freshman year:

Friday I was going to go to Ami's, then Brad's, but actually went to neither because Kev was dj'ing next door and it was SO HOT! We have these new neighbors that are throwing like, Oberlin-style dance parties. And kev is like the raddest dj ever. Im listening to his Bill Brasky mix right now as I put issues of '60s Mad Mags on ebay. Just another Sunday.

Yesterday Brian and I went to the Natural History Museum to look at dinosaur bones. I kept singing Jurassic Park, annoying everyone. But dinosaur bones are rad. Then we went home, ate burritos, and I went over to Myra's with karelisa and we drank cough syrup and watched The Office, Tenacious, and the Sarah Silverman Program (its only been out like, TWO WEEKS!) on my new favorite site, alluc Seriously if you have not been to this site yet, GO IMMEDIATLY. They have EVERY SHOW, ever. I keep sending people links as mini-presents. Thanks Ariella!

So Jamie, Bree, and Elise should be coming over later. I wonder if I have work tommorow; its president's day, right?

Its Sunday so that means NEW PICTURE TIME!

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