Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith is dead.

Yeop. Guess I don't really care that much.
More importantly: Phil gave me a computer!
That's right, my boss is giving me his old desktop to take home. So I'm gonna get me a wireless card and be all gracious and shit even though....who gives someone a desktop? I think I have a desktop in MD that I just haven't bothered lugging here yet. Still....awesome! That means I can watch tv-links at some place that ISNT matty's! YAYA!
So I slept 20 hours yesterday. From noon till seven am. Maybe ti was b/c the night before I was up to 4 am talking to Bmush on the phone, trying to persuade him to get me a nano for valentine's day. Er, doubtful, but maybe. He was sorta drunkenly over-enthusiastic about it.
Speaking of which: do I even HAVE a date for Valentine's day? Maybe I should make plans w/ Jerry 2.0 or something.
I'm starting to feel like that show "I <3 New York" on VH1, which is like a completely ridiculous, ghetto-version of KEPT. Who wants to date the chick who lost on TWO consecutive seasons of Flava of Love? Jeebus.

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